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  • GBO-Group GBO-Group

    GBO is a group of companies operating in processing, filling and packaging equipments in several industries




    non alcoholic beverages

                                              alcoholic beverages


                                              non food

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    Comac is an upstream Company that, every day, chooses to walk the path of cultural growth and technological innovation of its staff to meet the challenges of a market that is increasingly globalized and competitive.


    The co-operators of Comac, are their first asset, and through this wealth, the company express an expertise and professionalism appropriate to an increasingly demanding market where the Customer is the beating heart. Doing business is the mission, doing it well means do it together: customers, employees, business.

    The main objective is to promote the maximum expression of the intellectual abilities of each person even for those who hold the most common tasks.

    Thanks to this strength, Comac is more and more powerful and ready to meet the needs of the customers and to collect the difficult challenges of the world-wide market.

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    BRB GLOBUS SRL - since 1984 has been developing and producing

    technologically advanced labeling machines that adapt to any need.


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    COSMAPACK company-production of packaging equipment: depalletization, palletization, cardboard box forming, flow dividers, conveyor systems, etc.

    For more information, please visit the Company's website.


    he Company Atlanta Packaging is headquartered in Sala Bolognese near Bologna (Italy).

    Atlanta  designs and builds automatic machines for packaging and our mission is to build machines robust, reliable and management simple and intuitive.

    Manufacturer of high-speed packaging equipment

    (1) for piece wrap packaging shrink film as the substrate (flat or on a pallet), and without the substrate;

    (2) for the installation piece in cardboard box packaging technology wrap-arouond (wrap).

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    MARIN G.&C. Srl is one of the oldest manufacturers of packaging equipment in Italy, which has been producing equipment since 1953 and operates in the packaging sector of such industries as: household chemicals and car cosmetics, filling of chemical products (alkalis and acids) and liquid fertilizers, filling of technical oils, production of cleaning products, as well as the production of cosmetic products and personal care accessories. The most widely known equipment of the company was received in the field of production of various household chemicals (CIF, Domestos, Duckling and others). Customers of MARIN G.&C. Srl produces any liquid and paste-like cleaning products, acid and alkaline products for the chemical industry, technical oils for the automotive and engineering sectors, fertilizers for the agricultural sector, adhesives and wall paints for the construction industry. In addition, the equipment of the company MARIN G.&C. Srl produces liquid soaps, shampoos, gels and other cosmetic products.

    The company MARIN G.&C. Srl offers a variety of equipment for packaging products of different consistency, in different shapes of bottles or containers, with different types of capping, in different configurations from such machines as:


    Fillers / Filling units

    Capping machines

    Labeling machines or assemblies

    Sealing equipment / foiling

    Monoblocks for multiple operations

    Complete lines

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  • CFT Group CFT Group

    Complete solutions for the food and beverage industry. Innovative technologies for processing, filling, seaming, food processing, sorting, and end-of-line automation solutions.

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    TIRELLI S. r. l. (equipment for packaging cosmetics and household chemicals, pharmaceutical products and automotive liquids)/

    More detailed information about the Company can be found on the website.

    We also cooperate with several manufacturers of blow molding machines, it all depends on the required performance (linear or rotary type machines


    FTE/AISIS company - equipment for the brewing industry.

    More detailed information about the Company can be found on the website.

  • WAB s.r.l. WAB s.r.l.

    Company WAB s.r. l. – specializes in the production of complex systems for pre-treatment of containers before the filling and capping phase.

    The company supplies equipment for production in such areas as: food industry (including dairy industry, fruit juices, alcoholic and used beverages), pharmaceutical industry and personal care products, edible oils.


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