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Comac, twenty years of experience in automated systems for bottling and kegging plants.

The history of Comac, a leading Company in automated systems for bottling and kegging plants, was born in Bergamo in 1990: since then, year after year, project after project, Comac has been able to establish itself in the international market of beverages, installing its equipments at manufacturing companies that in quality and dimensions are recognized as international ones.

In 2000 the Department of Research and Development was created: it immediately paid off by producing new machines and parts thereof, including a new electronic filling valve for the bottling industry, new washing and filling heads for kegging.

Both projects have, as a common denominator, the particular attention with respect to the geometry and the degree of finishing of the internal parts in contact with the product, thus ensuring a high level of hygiene during the phases of sanitization.

The results obtained stimulate further the research in the technological improvement of the product and in 2005 Comac puts into production high-speed kegging plants with a production capacity more than 1000 keg/hour for 50 lt. kegs.

This innovation received a great interest on the part of multinational beverage Companies, first among them the Heineken group that, in a short period, decided on the purchase of these high-tech facilities and alternative to the traditional carousels up to that point on the market and made by only one European manufacturer in the world.

From this moment Comac rose to the role of world leader in the kegging field.

It 's the turning point in the history of the Company: Comac saw its brand as a foothold in the international market and its name is linked to the most important producers such as Heineken, AB-InBev, Coca-Cola, Carlsberg, SABMiller, GrupoModelo, Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma, EFES Group, Mahou San Miguel, Bavaria, Baltic, Miller Coors, etc.

Comac expresses its particular sensitivity for research and innovation not only in technology but also in respect to the environment adopting an internal model of sustainable development.

Over the years Comac made substantial changes of ecological type inside the company: the collection of waste, the use of technical Mewa rags, the construction of a photovoltaic park with 250 kW of power, the purchase of methane vehicles into methane, the use of high efficiency motors and the use of gadgets in recyclable material.

Today Comac is present in all countries, from Myanmar to Oceania, from Canada to Argentina, from Europe to America.




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