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  • Maintenance Maintenance

    We have a high qualified staff (based in Moscow) which comes from very important companies of bottling and packaging trade, like SIPA Berchi, Comac Group, Sidel Simonazzi. We provide a careful, rapid and qualitative service, which satisfies customers needs and expectations, optimizing line productivity, providing and guaranteeing spare parts and equipments, suggesting technological, electronic and mechanical modifications and innovations.

  • Spare parts

    Spare parts We can provide spare parts for processing equipments, fillers, labellers, packaging equipments. Our spare parts are original and insured against failure or defect in the materials of construction. We receveid spare parts directly from our partners (COMAC, GBO-GROUP, ATLANTA, COSMAPACK, , MARIN G&C, PE LABELLERS, BRB GLOBUS SRL).

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    Fillers spare parts

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    Change over format for rinser, filler, capper, labeler, shrinkwrapper, packer, palletizer, conveyors

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    Change over format for crater, decrater, packer and unpacker

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    Sparte parts for labeller

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    Termic seals

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    Bushings spare parts

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    All kind of rubber seals

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