12 November 2013

Parmatek can provide the following services:

•             Calculation of all the costs of delivery and customs clearance to identify the profitability of transaction

When our specialists receive the information on the product needed, we estimate the costs of delivery, insurance and certification (if applicable), and customs clearance to identify the profitability of transaction.

•             Documents preparation in order to make a deal

Our specialists prepare a contract, an export pass and other accounting documents according to the international and Russian   legislation in order to start the business relationships with the counterparty and make a deal.

•             Elaboration of an optimal logistics scheme and its coordination

We find an optimal carrier to deliver the goods and we track the shipment till the place of destination. Cargo transportation may be carried out by sea, by air, by truck, or by multimodal transport.

•             product certification

We help our clients obtain the certificates needed to pass the customs clearance in Russia (certificate of conformity, phytosanitary certificate, quarantine certificate, state registration certificate, etc.).

•             Documents preparation for the customs clearance

At the final stage, our specialists prepare all the necessary documents for the customs clearance and communicate with the customs broker in order to solve any issues required.

•             Serving as an export / import company for you (in case your company doesn’t possess a registration in the Russian Federation)

In case you need a company to serve you as your counterparty in Russia under the sales agreement (in order to pass the customs clearance), we can serve you as such a company. This is especially important if you plan the delivery to Russia on DDP terms.

•             Control over the legality of transactions;

Collaborating with us, you can be sure that delivery will be made in accordance with applicable Russian legislation.

•             Other activities related to the export / import operations.

Our specialists are capable to provide you with the full range of services listed or realize the particular activities selected by our client.


Our managers possess a huge amount of practical experience in exports and imports of different product groups, ranging from foodstuffs to sophisticated technological equipment. Each project is unique that is why our specialists analyze carefully the steps that should be done to implement the project and fulfill it in the best way.

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